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Oversize CVT Polini Evolution 3 (Ceramic)

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499,99 $CA
With the Evolution3, Polini has developed a completely new transmission series. Torque driver as well as outer half of the variator are nearly entirely made of aluminium, which makes them a lot lighter than their predecessors. Furthermore, Polini offers a version with ceramic coating that is intended to offer longer-lasting surface roughness and therefore good belt grip and stable transmission functions in the transmission. The Evolution Speed Drive is a bigger torque driver with two linear guide slots that allow for changing the engine’s characteristics. Together with the Evolution variator and drive belt, this increases the transmission ratio. The ideal rpm can be kept through a wide range, which offers visibly better acceleration. This kit is for Standard crankshaft with 13mm splain diameter, for 16mm please contact us and we will swtich the variator model.


With the Evolution3, Polini has developed a completely new transmission series.......
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