Cylinder Malossi Sport 70cc I-Tech - Injection

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The one and only cylinder for you scooter !



Because of the strict eco regulations, injection systems have now started to appear on some two-stroke engines. Unfortunately the large tuning firms have yet to respond to the challenge posed by the latest technology in a convincing manner. Malossi was the first to supply a 70cc daily use sport cylinder with all electronic parts to remap the injection. If combined with a tuning exhaust, the kit will make between 7 and 9 bhp, top speed will be significantly increased. ATTENTION: Since 2008, Aprilia SR DiTech comes with a Piaggio engine. You can see that you have a Piaggio engine from the vario rollers (19x15.5mm) or from the fact that the water pump is in the housing and not on the generator cover!
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Informations complémentaires

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