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Cylinder kit Stage6 STREETRACE 70cc LC 10MM (12MM)



With Streetrace 70cc, Stage6 proposes an alternative more economic than the popular series Sport pro. The shaping of transfers was based from the high performance of their 70cc sport pro, but slightly modified to answer the thermal requirements of the cylinder in cast iron. Stage6 opted for a piston(valve) made by the Italian company Vertex. The characteristics of functioning correspond mainly to those of the Sport pro with little moin of power. The ideal beach(range) of diet(regime) is about 10.000 towers per minute. It is recommended to use an exhaust-gas system sport 70cc with this kit. When it comes to looks, the cylinder is discreet and similar to the room(part,play) of origin because Stage6 deliberately decided not to post(show) the name of the mark(brand) on the cylinder


Take note the cylinder come as a 10MM and can be change for 12MM crankshaft.  In order to install it as 12mm you will need to order the piston kit 12mm sold separately.

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Informations complémentaires

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