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Cylinder Kit Stage6 Racing 70cc MKII 10mm



Here is the successor of the popular Stage6 Racing maintaining conscript Stage6 Racing MKII. He(it) was completely revised to obtain 1hp furthermore. This aluminum cylinder is reconstructed with a high-strength cover. The former(old) flat piston(valve) was abandoned(given up) for the benefit of a retort(replica) R R/T with a crown in the shape of dome. The thermal stability was improved in all the domains; conception(design) pentagonale with internal fins of cooling; head of a single room(part,play) with passages of sweeping(scanning) to quote only some of the improvements. With the good components, the attein cylinder 17-19 hp from the exit(release) of the packaging, and he(it) ya still not enough material(equipment) to make a little of its own work and obtain more of 20hp.

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Informations complémentaires

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